Never throw away used glass bottles. Rather, turn them into Bokeshi dolls!

Ever since I was a child I have always been interested in collecting bottles. Be it milk bottles, soda bottles, perfume bottles, apothecaries and even shampoo bottles, I’d keep it in my stash.

I remember that one fateful day in 1987 when I first set my eyes on a bottle of shampoo. It felt like I found a gold! Okay, maybe not. But imagine that I was the Agnes from Despicable Me when she spotted that large fluffy unicorn plushie…ME: “It’s a shampoo bottle, I’m gonna die!”

So I came up with a very brilliant plan to pour the viscous liquid in the toilet! So brilliant that my mom and my lola (grandmother) caught me red-handed.

This fascination that I have for the bottles led me to get a massive welt on my butt! A handprint on the butt cheeks!!! Okay, I’m just exaggerating. There is no bruise or anything like that, but I know I cried. I can’t remember how painful that spank was anymore, but what I can remember is my desire to get that shampoo bottle was so intense!

And this is why we have BOKESHI DOLLS now. I better make a good excuse on why I can’t bear to throw bottles away, right?

Bokeshi Dolls

They are made out of used glass bottles and inspired by the Kokeshi Dolls, thus the name BOKESHI DOLLS. Click the image above to see the full collection.

And in a way, I’m making a positive impact on the environment. By giving the bottle a new purpose or making it useful again, I’m helping to reduce my footprint. Upcyle is what they call it.

So what do you think about these bokeshi dolls?


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