Recipes you can’t resist!


My love for food is infinite; my passion for cooking is my happiness. - unknown.

Kitchen is my playground, my happy place, and my stage. I love to try and create new recipes all the time. But I also love to try good food outside my kitchen so I can say that I also enjoy eating. Although, eating is actually more like a hobby for me! Haha…

While some girls dream about their boyfriends, vacations or for others…weddings; I am only dreaming about food. 60% of the time, all I can think about is food!

I actually had a dream before that I was in a cruise ship...and a French Baroque style double-door appeared in front of me. Suddenly, the door was open and I saw buffet lines aboard the ship. Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean and Italian dishes, it's all freaking there! I just can't help but flash the best smile I got and my eyes glistened. And all I can say is "I'm home".

--- True story.

That's how crazy in love I am with food! But my love for food actually leads me to enjoy hanging out in the kitchen more. It really makes me appreciate cooking. And my kitchen is like a laboratory where I conduct lots of experiments.

So if you have no idea what to serve on your table for your next meal or you're having a hard time deciding what to cook for breakfast or lunch tomorrow, you can just go here and pick up a recipe!

But what about you? Do you love to eat or to cook? Let me know by leaving a comment down below.